Top Things to do with a London Pass

See More and Do More for Less with a London Pass

A London Pass is brilliant if it covers the things that YOU want to do whilst in London. Having gone through the list of top things to do in London, (see the menu on your left) check the things you want to do against the attractions covered by the London Pass. If enough match, you will undoubtedly save time and money with a London Pass. So buy one before they run out :)

London Pass - Save Money - Save Time

London PassIt's hard to go pass the London Pass

Save money by purchasing the London Pass. The Pass saves you time and money on many of London's Top 100 Plus Things To Do.

55 Top London sights and attractions are covered by the London Pass including:

  • Tower of London
  • The Tower Bridge Exhibition
  • Thames River Cruise
  • St Paul’s Cathedral
  • Windsor Castle
  • Kensington Palace
  • Hampton Court Palace
  • London Bridge Experience
  • Churchill Museum & Cabinet War Rooms
  • Shakespeare's Globe Theatre Tour and Exhibition

How Much Can You Expect To Save With A London Pass?

I'm only going to be in London for one day, surely it's not worth buying a Pass?

With a one day London Pass you can expect to start saving money if you visit three attractions. For example, a visit to the London Bridge Experience, a cruise on the River Thames and entry into the Tower of London would cost you more than the one day London Pass.

I'm going to be in London for a few days, what Pass should I get?

The longer the duration of the London Pass you buy, the more you can expect to save. With a two day London Pass you should save money after visiting four attractions. With a three day Pass you should save after five attractions and so on.

Save the most with a six day London Pass

The biggest potential savings come with a six day pass. Effectively this is unlimited sightseeing for very little. This is cheaper than single entry to the Tower of London, London Bridge Experience, London Zoo, Bicycle Tour Experience & Wimbledon Experience Tour.

I'm going to be in London for only four or five days, what pass should I get?

It will even work for you if you are coming for only four or five days. If you visited three attractions per day the London Pass should save you over £195.

Brain-less and Benefited

So unless you only intend to visit one or two attractions it's a bit of a 'no brainer'. Buy a London Pass before you visit London and enjoy the benefit of free entry to over 55 top London attractions and tours.

And there's more

You can enjoy unlimited travel on London's public transport when you include travel with your London Pass, skip the lines at various London Pass attractions such as Windsor Castle and the Tower of London and receive a free 120+ page London guidebook including directions and maps.

And more..

Then there's the additional special offers and discounts on other activities and shops plus a 100% money-back guarantee with the London Pass insurance.


If you enter "londpas05" in the box that says "Promo code? Enter it here." in the check out page, you should save few more pounds. Try it for yourself, click the link below:

London Pass

London Pass Testimonials

The London Pass website includes a large number of testimonials from its users. Below is just a couple we thought were worth mentioning as they refer to top things to do in London.

Mia from SC, USA wrote

"The London Pass is GREAT!! I went with my daughter and we did visit Kensington Palace as well as Hampton Court. The grounds of Kensington are wonderful and we even got to see a car escorted to an arriving Helicopter!!! Walk a little further and you are at Prince Albert's Monument....Lord I miss LONDON!! Get the London Pass with's the BEST!!!"

Adrienn from Hungary wrote:

"This was my last day with the London Pass card, and I can't express how great it was. I had only good experiences, it was fantastic to skip the very very long line in Windsor, to get to places of which I hadn't even heard before, I really enjoyed the Globe theatre and the Old Operating Theatre, but my absolute favourite was the Hampton Court Palace, the most beautiful palace I have ever seen. And the Kew Gardens. Magnificent. I got discounts almost everywhere, free gift in the Harrods...and I can continue. Thank you."