London, England Public Transport For London, Buses, Tubes and Trains

Getting yourself around London

London Traffic and Parking

London has a lot of traffic. Once you have battled your way through the traffic you still have to find somewhere to park. If you drive in London don't complain about it, catch the bus or get yourself on a tube. We won't mention the traffic again if you don't :)

Take your Travel Card with you

Or travel card. London possesses an extensive network of public transport mostly over and underground rail and buses but there are other alternatives. The Oyster and Travel Card are two method's of reducing the cost of London's public transport:

Oyster Card and Travel Card For Visitors to London

Short Passes

Where to buy an Oyster Card

London Buses

If you want to further reduce the cost you can aim to travel by bus and tram and buy a bus pass:

London Bus Pass

This is fine, when its fine, and you maybe foregoing faster options. Bus generally only beats tube where the tubes don't go (much of South London) or where the view is important (sadly, not much of South London).

You will also need to understand where the buses go. If you find you are spending a lot of time looking up at bus stops and shaking your head you probably need to do more homework. Always ask fellow bus travelers if you aren't sure. Thousands of visitors a year head off in the wrong direction. Ask first. Notice we didn't mention traffic jams..oops

London Bus Maps

London Underground

Much loved for its simplicity and lack of traffic jams (did it again!) although you can get stuck in a tunnel from time to time. The tube map idea has been round for a long time and the idea has reproduced in many countries so we don't need to tell you that it is not drawn to scale. If you can, avoid testing it at rush hour.

Tube Maps

London Rail

Rail comes into its own for specific locations such as Greenwich, Windsor and Hampton Court.

Rail Map

River Thames

This is a great and under appreciated way to travel if you can use it. Greenwich, Tower of London, and Hampton Court are places to go to if you have a place to go from. A Travel card should score you a cheaper fare on public services.

Thames River Services

London Bus Tours

The hop-on hop-off double-decker tours are a wonderful way to see London for the first time.

Victoria Coach Station Services

National Express runs coaches services to numerous places outside of London and provides an economical alternative to rail and care hire.