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London, England Weather, Rain, Shine and Everything in Between

Always take the Weather with you

London's weather is the universal experience that all Londoners 'enjoy'. The four seasons in one day scenario does happen. But more importantly the weather is a common topic of conversation, a point of reference, a classic ice breaker. 'Its not as cold as yesterday' and similar insightful observations.

Weather forecasts

The Met Office do a mean London Weather forecast

The Met Office are the market leaders in weather forecasts, these guys know their London weather

I can only assume that the London forecasters have one of the toughest jobs in their profession. Equally, they are rarely ever 100% wrong given the wide range of possible outcomes.

The BBC weather shows no bias between wet and dry

London Weather Radar

The Weather Radar gives you good idea as to whether to believe the forecast and take your brolly with you (answer is yes of course).

London Weather Radar

London's 10 Day Weather Forecast

You are braver than me if you plan your holidays and day trips around extended weather forecasts.

London's 10 Day Weather Forecast

Is it Summer Yet?

The seasons in London are a rough guide as to what to expect weather wise. It is unlikely you will experience heat waves in January or a snow in July. Mind you, there's always next year:)

Spring in London (March - May)

Sun, rain, sleet, hailstones, fog, cloud and more cloud ('is the sun up there somewhere?') everything really. I'm sure the English sense of humour is strongly influenced by the English weather (it can be a bit of a joke). Temperatures average between 11°C and 15°C.

London Summer (June - August)

Generally sunny however sun has been known to go AWOL ('no summer this year'). Temperatures average around 20°C, but it can get much warmer turning large areas of London's green spaces pinkish white in search of that illusive tan.

It can also appear to be hotter than it really is as many of London's buildings, much of its transportation system and indeed Londoners themselves are not well designed for hot weather.

Autumn in the Big Smoke (September - November)

See spring. An Indian Summer means warm till September / October if you are lucky. On the other hand, November can freeze your 'wotits' off.

English Winter in London (December - February)

Dark, cold and damp. Average temperatures around 6°C but can drop below bloody cold. January and February can be the most depressing of months with the sun knocking-off around mid-afternoon.

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