St Paul's Cathedral

The beautiful and historic St Paul's Cathedral in London

St Paul's isn't just a wonderful building to walk around and admire, it also has some amazing stories to tell

Sir Christopher Wren's masterpiece

Sir Christopher Wren's masterpiece St Paul's is part of the heart and soul of London and one of the miracle stories of World War Two. St Paul's was targeted by the Luftwaffe in order to break the spirit of Londoners during the blitz. They succeeded in destroying most of the buildings immediately surrounding the Cathedral but not, obviously, St Paul's.

St Pauls Cathedral  LondonSt Paul's Whispering Gallery

Whisper a sweet nothing at the Whispering Gallery soon after Cathedral opens and enjoy the reaction of the person at the other end of the room. Just remember where you are. You must do this before the crowds arrive or you might just end up sweet-talking to yourself. Climb to the Stone Gallery and then to the top of the Cathedral which is the Golden Gallery. At these two galleries you will be rewarded with amazing views of the London skyline and suburbs. Take lots of photographs.

The Crypt

The Crypt at St Paul's is not small. It is roughly the same size as the Cathedral floor above it. It contains some of the most famous Britons that have ever lived. Admiral Lord Nelson, Lord Wellington and fittingly, St Christopher Wren, all reside downstairs in the London's most loved church.

St Paul's Cathedral's connection with the United States

St Paul's contains the story of the men and women who risked their lives to preserve this historic, beautiful building. St Paul's also contains a stained glass window for every state of the U.S. and a book that has the name of every American soldier that came through London during World War Two. Every day an official opens the case and turns the page with a gloved hand.

St Paul's Audio Tour and Fast Facts

The audio tour is worth doing but if you already have a good guide book the complimentary Cathedral map should be enough.

Fast Facts

  • Princess Diana and Prince Charles were married at St Paul's.
  • St Paul's holds the Duke of Wellington’s tomb.
  • St Paul’s Tube is walking distance.
  • St Paul's is a must see.

Opening Times & Sightseeing Information

St Paul's Cathedral is open everyday for sightseeing from 8.30am to 4.30pm except for Sundays when it is closed to all except for worshippers. The last tickets are sold at 4pm.

Pricey or Priceless St Paul's?

At the time of writing, 16 pounds will give you Cathedral floor, The Crypt and the three galleries in the dome (Whispering, Stone and Golden), multimedia guides and guided tours (for individuals and family visitors). Is it worth it? How do you value an experience like this? Highly I think, which also kind of answers the first question.


The church welcomes children with open arms, provided your arms are nearby, in other words, children must bring an adult with them.

Special Events

If anything special is happening, a Royal Wedding that kind of thing, they won't let you in so best to check the 'Cathedral Calendar' prior to coming.

No photography

Sadly, filming and photography are prohibited inside the Cathedral. St Paul's feels that the camera flashes and groups queuing up to pose for photographs 'detract from the spiritual life of the Cathedral'.

St Paul's Links

The London Pass includes St Paul's Cathedral

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