What are the top 100 things to do in London?

The Best of British from England's Capital City might include a cruise down the Thames, a head off to the Tower or a rolling London Eye view - with so little time and so much to do, what top things will you choose to do?

Best places to visit in London

The top things include London's top attractions, its best places to visit, it's nicest things to do, the little romantic places to go, fun things and even a few FREE things to do in London. Just follow the link below as all the pages are linked together and the website is super easy to navigate.

Must See in London?

  • St Pauls

    St Paul's Cathedral

    You have to see St Paul's but do you limit your stay in the city or head out of town to see a must-see like Windsor Castle?

  • windsor castle

    Windsor Castle

    Listings like Windsor Castle tend to appear a little further down the list reflecting that they require a journey out of London - still means you have to see it. This top 100 'lark' is hard work! :)

So little time, so much to do

If you wondering what to do whilst in London, you need to know about the top things to do here as you will not have time to do everything. With so many wonderful things to do it can be very hard to decide what to leave out. You can't do them all. This is why we have listed the Top Things To Do. Just start from the top and work your way through the list, selecting the things you want to do from the very best England's capital has to offer.

  • Oxo Building

    Your independent guide

    Londontop100.co.uk is an independent guide to what to do in London. We aren't required to publish anything or rank anyone higher than anyone else. It is about as true as an assessment as you likely to get. We list the Capital's best attractions as well as some of the lessor known sights.

  • London Eye


    Unfortunately we can't guarantee the content of London's Top 100. Some of the links may let us down, some tours might be cancelled or changed and it will probably rain from to time to. We will do what we can but if you could help out by making the sun come out we would be eternally grateful.

  • Leeds Castle


    Before embarking on any tours of London you are strongly advised to confirm the details directly with the tour operator. London is a big city with much to do, so if a tour gets cancelled don't be too concerned.

  • Rotherhithe

    There are less well known places worth visiting like Rotherhithe in south east London. Whilst not yet a fully fledged must do of London, a walk around the canals and docks of Rotherhithe is a very pleasant way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Feed the ducks, explore the bridges and laneways and find a great little pub for Sunday Roast.

    Where is Rotherhithe?

Tower of London

Tower of London

Head off to the Tower of London!

Visit the Tower of London for its history of misery, torture, body stretching and head removal. The very stones under your feet may conceal dark secrets and unspeakable horror. Yet the Tower is no freak horror show. This is a place of treachery and treason. The lust for power and the brutality used to keep it fills the narrow passage ways like an insidious London fog.

Crown Jewels

The priceless Crown Jewels still glint within the Tower's fortified vaults. The Jewels are even worn despite their grand old age. You might be privileged enough to see a sign in a space where the Crown Jewel should have been, that says "In Use".


The Beefeaters still guard the Tower of London, but not really. Their main job is to show us around and look good in a photo. For the record, a Beefeater's real name is Yeoman Warder.

The Ravens

The Ravens are real enough and remain captive in the Tower. Should they ever escape the Tower of London would crumble into dust. How do we know this? Well, the Tower is still in one piece and the ravens are still there.

Tower of London Resume

The Tower's job history includes royal palace, prison, armoury and zoo.

Just one thing?

That's right; all that stuff about the Tower of London is just one top thing to do in London. Ok, it is the Tower of London, the top thing to do in London, but still, it really helps to demonstrate just how much there is to do in London. You have to be selective in what you do or else risk insanity. What would really help is a list of the best London has to offer...

You'll find information and links to London's top attractions and tours as well as local tips and advice.