London Top 110 Things to do with Useful Links

What to do in London?

101 Canary Wharf Tower (Canary Wharf)

Built in 1992 the Canary Tower is the highlight of Canary Wharf. As well as office space Canary Wharf does contain restaurants and shops but it is mainly a commercial area. There is, however, the Museum in Docklands (see below).

Canary Wharf contains Britain’s three tallest buildings, Canary Wharf Tower at 771 ft (235.1m) being the tallest.

As a rival to London's traditional financial centre Canary Wharf has been credit crunched but still remains a relatively safe haven for frazzled looking bankers and financiers. More furtive behaviour has been evident of late with frequent mobile phone calls to recruitment agents.

With the opening of the Jubilee Place shopping centre in 2004, Canary Wharf has also become a popular shopping destination.

Canary Wharf Tower (Canary Wharf)


102 Museum of Docklands

You will find the Museum in the Docklands in the Docklands. Nearest tube is Canary Wharf
• No.1 Warehouse, West India Quay
• Canary Wharf
• London E14 4AL

Museum of Docklands


103 Paris

Catch a train or boat to Paris as there is a hundred top things to do.

Top 100 Things to do in Paris


104 (68) There’s a Dinosaur in the Palace!

Crystal Palace Park must be on of the most inaccurate theme parks on earth. As many things on British soil, Crystal Palace Park was one of the first [built in 1854] and consequently one of the worst. Who said you can’t beat the original.

Take a book with you or just enjoy the ‘mistakes’. They should add to this and let people design their own Dinosaur.

Crystal Palace Park


105 Hamleys Toy Shop

An institution as well as a toy shop. Hamleys is much loved by young and the not so. For children Hamleys is a world of joy and wonder.

As you enter the store you will probably hear the sound children voices yelling, screaming and laughing. Well, at least two of the three. With seven floors of toys and games be prepared for noisy, colourful and joyful visit.

Hamleys Toy Shop


106 Chessington World of Adventures

The park currently has a selection of attractions to suit all age groups and 1,000 animals to see. The Safari Skyway, an elevated monorail around the Zoo, allows you an excellent view of proceedings.

Chessington World of Adventures


107 (84) Mansion House (Egyptian Hall)

Mansion House (Egyptian Hall)


108 (87) Carnaby Street

There are two green plaques on Carnaby Street. One at 1 Carnaby Street dedicated to Mod fashion entrepreneur John Stephen and one at 52/55 Carnaby Street, dedicated to the Mod pop group 'Small Faces'.

Carnaby Street


109 (76) Stratford-upon-Avon

Stratford-upon-Avon, they really should just call this place Shakespeare-upon-Avon and be done with it.

Much to do about everything there is much theatre naturally, arts, music in the parks, river racing, river cruising, walks along the river or simply relax and feel Shakespearian.



110 Burlington Arcade

The Burlington Arcade is patrolled by the Beadles. They are dressed in traditional uniforms including top hats and tailcoats. The original beadles were former members of the 10th Hussars. They proved to be adequate security for 170 years until 6 masked robbers in a Jaguar Mark X audaciously drove down the pedestrian arcade and smashed the windows of the Goldsmiths and Silversmiths Association. They made off with £35,000 worth of jewelry and to this day have evaded the long arm of the law.

Burlington Arcade

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