London Top 15 Things to do with Useful Links

What to do in London?

11 (31) Windsor Castle

Best time to go is October to March when you can see the most richly decorated interiors in the Castle, the George IV's private apartments.

Also high on the must see list is Queen Mary's Dolls' House.

Windsor Castle


12 (-) Go see a show - what's playing at the London Theatre

The Fringe is a term often used for the smaller theatres, including pub theatres. Seating capacities of these can be as little as 40 up to around 400. You can smell the action (at times) and be superbly entertained. As you would expect, prices are much lower than in the West End. Approach with low expectations and "if its really bad we'll sneak out early" Mind you, if its just the two of you someone might notice (I jest, very unlikely).

Go see a show - what's playing at the London Theatre



13 (25) London Eye

Take a slow spin in a big wheel opposite the Houses of Parliament.

London Eye


14 (9) London Walks

It is possible to walk all the way from Lambeth Bridge to Tower Bridge. The Silver Jubilee Walk was created in commemoration of the Queen's Silver Jubilee in 1977.

You can even do the Lambeth Walk to if you know what it is.

London Walks


15 (61) Tate Britain (formerly the Tate Gallery)

Tate Britain is the national gallery of, and world centre for, the understanding and enjoyment of British art.

The exhibitions and displays at Tate Britain present British art from the time of the Tudor monarchs in the sixteenth century to Wednesday last week.

Tate Britain (formerly the Tate Gallery)

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