London Top 25 Things to do with Useful Links

What to do in London?

21 (73) Victoria and Albert Museum

Have you ever wondered what happens to the stuff that people leave behind? It would appear a lot of it ends up at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

The V&A claims to be the ‘the world's greatest museum of art and design’. With examples of 3000 years of dead peoples stuff there is certainly a lot to see. Lots of old ceramics, furniture, fashion, glass, jewelry, metalwork, photographs, sculpture, textiles and paintings are all presented for your viewing pleasure in a very unstuffy way.

Victoria and Albert Museum


22 (20) Trafalgar Square

Walking distance to the Houses of Parliament, Piccadilly Circus and the West End, Trafalgar Square is in there so get your pictures and maybe experience a little bit of London in action.

Trafalgar Square



23 (18) London Zoo

London Zoo tries hard to present the animals in its care in a natural setting but it is still a zoo. The sign says so. If you like zoos you will probably enjoy a trip to London Zoo. If you don't like zoos London Zoo is unlikely to change your mind.

London Zoo


24 (12) Regents Park

London's parks are all 'good' and you should at least visit one. Regent Park is a hard working park containing London Zoo and outdoor plays in summer. Enjoy a drink or a bite to eat in one of the pleasant cafes close by. Nearby attractions include the London Planetarium and Madame Tussaud's.

Regents Park


25 (22) Regent's Canal

A trip down Regent's Canal is a relaxing and pleasant journey through some of London's more affluent and picturesque suburbs.

Regent's Canal

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