London Top 40 Things to do with Useful Links

What to do in London?

36 (-) Push Bike Tour of London

A London Pass will give you the chance to get a little light exercise whilst enjoying London's top attractions aboard your two wheeled steed.


37 (47) Royal Gun Salutes

You can be deafened on a handful of dates every year. The King’s Troop Royal Horse Artillery makes a mounted charge through Hyde Park, sets up guns and fires a 41-gun salute. It occurs at noon on Accession Day (February 6), the Queen’s two birthdays (no wonder she is so old) April 12, June 17, Remembrance Sunday (November 12) and on other special occasions.

Royal Gun Salutes


38 (56) Kensington Palace

Things to see at Kensington Palace, Diana's fashion and style exhibition, the King's staircase and the beautiful and tranquil Sunken Garden which is free to get in. You can also take tea, or wine or champagne at the Orangery.

Kensington Palace


39 (-) Jewel Tower

The 1365 Jewel Tower, or 'King's Privy Wardrobe' was built so Edward III could have somewhere to put all his valuables. The 14th-century ribbed vault is of particular interest as is the English Heritage Book of Remembrance. On the second floor you can uncover all the history behind this jewel of a building. The remains of a moat and medieval quay are still visible outside.

Jewel Tower


40 (-) The London Experience

The London experience takes you back to a time when life was often painfully short lived.

The London Experience

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