London Top 70 Things To Do

What to do in London?

London Top Things to do includes Apsley House and Bushy Park

66 (-) Apsley House

Although 8th Duke of Wellington occasionally still uses part of the building Apsley House remains open to the public as a museum and art gallery. Apsley House's more descriptive name is Wellington Museum and contains the first Duke's collection of paintings, porcelain and silver. A key attractions to see is Antonio Canova's heroic marble nude of Napoleon as Mars the Peacemaker made 1802-10, holding a gilded Nike in the palm of his right hand, and standing 3.45 metres to the raised left hand holding a staff. A valid attempt was been made to maintain the rooms of house in their original style and decor.

Apsley House


67 Bushy Park

The park least visited yet perhaps most enjoyed. Chestnut avenue, the Diana Fountain, woodland and water gardens are highlights. Nearby attractions include Hampton Court Palace and Kempton Park Racecourse

Bushy Park



68 (30) Millennium FootBridge

"With a modern design giving a unique tubular effect, London's Millennium Bridge is a 330-meter pedestrian bridge linking the City of London at St Paul's Cathedral with the new Tate Gallery at Bankside".

With the bridge's 10th birthday coming up you we are hopeing that Rolf Harris will be good enough to sing 'Happy Birthday' on his Wobble Board half way across the Thames. It would attract a world audience.

Millennium Bridge


69 (-) London Transport Museum

The London Transport Museum galleries are full of interactive exhibits for young people and adults alike. There are old film clips of how it was it used to be quicker getting across London by horse! The museum is contained in a lovely old Victorian building with cast iron arcades. The London Transport museum is a wonderful way to while away a few hours and is free with a London Pass.

London Transport Museum


70 (-) Britain at War Experience

The Britain at War museum creates a vivid experience of life during wartime. The museum targets all ages by demonstrating through drama and wartime artifacts what life was like living in London during the Second World War. Lightshows and sound effects recreate the Blitz as seen from the point of view of ordinary Londoners. The idea that 70 years on this "experience" would become a top London attraction would probably have raised a few laughs of disbelief from Blitz afflicted Londoners.

Update - Britain at War Experience now Closed! :(

The Britain at War museum closed on 6th January 2013. The museum says it will give its exhibits to the Bay Trust ( The Bay Trust appears undecided on what to do with them. We are waiting for further developments.

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