Top 95 Things to do in London England

What to do in London?

Top things to do in London including City Hall Chelsea Physic Garden Notting Hill Carnival Downing Street Corams Fields

91 (110) City Hall

City Hall London

A stunning relatively new building near Tower Bridge on the south bank. Once described as a "glass testicle" by ex-major Ken Livingstone. City Hall is a 45 metres high glass globe. The building has 10 floors and 185,000 sq ft (gross) of floor space. City Hall has no front or back. Its shape is derived from a geometrically modified sphere. The idea is to minimise the surface area exposed to direct sunlight. The design incorporates a number of features designed to make the building as environmentally friendly as possible. You just can't get in

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92 (111) Chelsea Physic Garden

Chelsea Physic Garden London

The Chelsea Physic "Secret Garden" is a centre of education, beauty and relaxation. Founded in 1673 it researches the properties, origins and conservation of over 5000 species of plants.

The Chelsea Physic Gardens are ideal if you want to escape and enjoy a few moments to relax. The Gardens earn their secret tag from their seclusion and meditative qualities. The Garden holds a number of exclusive events and openings. It is advisable to ring in advance to check up on availability.

Chelsea Physic Garden


93 (82) Notting Hill Carnival

A moving, vibrating, loud, colourful face(s) of modern Britain. Who said the English don't know how to have a good time.

Notting Hill Carnival


94 Downing Street

No. 10 Downing Street often home to some of the most unpopular people in Britain yet strangely, so many want the job. We are talking of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Downing Street is fairly nondescript place which of itself is something to be see.

Downing Street


95 (48) Coram’s Fields

Let your monsters run riot. All adults have to be accompanied by a child at this park which boasts sandpits, a football pitch, basketball court, climbing frames and café plus several sheep, goats and rabbits.

Coram’s Fields

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