Top 120 Things to do in London England

What to do in London?

111 Legoland

Legoland is a large UK theme park in Windsor. The theme park is designed to give two to twelve year olds the time of their lives. If your two to twelve year old has the time of their lives then there is a pretty good chance you will also enjoy yourself. Unsurprisingly Legoland is a popular location with families in and all around London.

Legoland is made up of 35 million Lego pieces creating a landscape of windmills, castles, famous buildings and little moving trains. What makes Legoland so appealing is its numerous rides, including coaster and waterslide, mazes, live shows, fun zones and driving school.

Legoland is for kids to have good time and not for kids to be cold and miserable. Consequently Legoland closes in winter.



112 (45) Walk around Holland Park (Kyoto Gardens)

The Kyoto Gardens is one of those places that can take you way from where you are to somewhere else you wish you were more often.

Walk around Holland Park (Kyoto Gardens)


113 (16) Football

Main grounds are Stamford Bridge (Chelsea) in West London, Whitehart Lane (Tottenham or Spurs) and Wembley (New National Stadium) again in West London but there are plenty of smaller grounds where you can see a match.

My advice is go and see a game as it is the number 1, 2 & 3 sport in England (Just a shame we aren't much good at it :( ). Do a little research, dress in the home teams colours and enjoy the atmosphere.

More Football


114 (75) Hampstead

Hampstead is basically a Georgian Village on the edge of the metropolis. Hampstead is a well to do suburb with delightful walking opportunities both along its narrow streets and the extensive Hampstead Heath.



115 Highgate Cemetery

I can’t help it – people are dying to get into these places. Angels adorn dramatic tombs of the past rich and important people, shrouded urns and broken columns are a reminder that we all end our journey the same way.

Highgate Cemetery


116 (58) Get a full head of steam trains

Get all stemmed up over the commencement of manmade global warming with snoot and hot water. Steam trains have a certain romance and bring out the boy or girl in the man or woman but not necessarily in that order.

Steam Railway


117 (56) Take a Bath in Bath

We English prefer to bathe rather than shower but only on a Saturday after the football. It is an institution that deserves its place in all our washrooms. Whilst in Rome they say so why not take a bath in a Roman bath in Bath whilst in England.

The World Heritage Baths of Bath

Bath is England. Lovely old buildings, hot springs and beautiful surrounding countryside you feel like you are in England in Bath. English history is full of visitors and you’ll find Roman Baths in Bath as you would expect. The Roman Bath's is how Bath became known as Bath which goes to show that Bath is really Italian.

Enjoy and experience the splendour of the Abbey and Georgian stone crescents and know this green and pleasant land is a nation at peace with itself and all it's friends and relatives except for Australia who have beaten them too many times with a cricket bat and then eat Pizza.

Bath is just over 100 miles west of London, it is beautiful, it is gorgeous and you must go there for the best time you'll ever have having a bath in Bath.



118 (73) Soho

Naughty Soho with its seedy sex shops and prostitutes is abit of myth these days. A throw back to different era. Sure there are a few sex shops and establishments left but the real action is with the cafes, bars and restaurants. Soho has gone upmarket. Good buzz. A london playground reflective of its diverse nature.



119 (76) Row on the Serpentine

This is more me, row row row your boat gently down the turps. Don’t approach this without a smile on your face. Boats are available from March to October (not a winter pursuit - brrrrrrrr).

Row on the Serpentine


120 (77) Cambridge

You will probably want to see one of the University towns. Oxford or Cambridge? Well, as you have probably guessed I went to neither. But I know someone who did! Cambridge is beautiful.


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