Top 140 Things to do in London with Useful Links

What to do in London?

131 Pollock's Toy Museum

Pollock's Toy Museum also contains a Pollock's Toy shop in case you just have to buy something or risk rebellion from the minors.

Pollock's Toy Museum


132 Street Golf – The Shoreditch Open

Shoreditch – the home of golf (?)

"You're all a bunch of madmen! It was great fun. I'm looking forward to playing next year." You will need to register.

The Shoreditch Open


133 (70) Brixton

Brixton is the Afro-Caribbean capital of London. Brixton resides at the bottom of the Victoria Line. Brixton used to have a bad reputation due to race riots and various social issues. Nowadays it is more of a London playground with great markets and vibrant café, bar, pub, night club scene.

Whilst Brixton’s bad rep is diminished it is not a smart idea to go exploring too far from the main roads and attractions.



134 (56) See a Gig

I know, it’s not rock n roll but you’ll like it. Camden is band rich. Try the Barfly for starters.



135 (57) Giggle toons

Giggle at the toons

These special cartoons are still cracking people up.

Cartoon Museum

35 Little Russell St, Near Tottenham Court Rd Subway.


136 (67) King of the Castle

Scale the heights, challenge yourself and get higher with a friend or get away from one.

King of the Castle


137 (61) Party on the "beach"

‘Reclaim the Beach’ parties take place on the river in front of the Royal Festival Hall.The party is spontaneous, fun, unlicensed and totally free. The parties are unplanned and are often only announced at the last minute. The party usually takes place in the summer months. Follow the web link below for more details.

London Beach Parties


138 (54) The London Marathon

See ordinary people do an extraordinary hard thing.

The London Marathon


139 ( - ) Hall Place and Gardens and the Bexley Museum Collection

Hall Place and Gardens offers 62 hectares of gorgeous grounds and a working nursery. The new visitor centre in the grounds offers a riverside tearoom and a gift shop, as well as tourist information. The visitor centre is currently open from 10 a.m. to 4.45 p.m. daily. Last orders are taken in the tea room at 4.30 p.m.

Hall Place and Gardens


140 ( - ) Bexley Museum Collection

Hall Place is also first home to the Bexley Museum Collection. The Museum exhibits a number of interesting things with something for everyone in fact..

Bexley Museum Collection

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