London Top 5 Things to do with Useful Links

What to do in London?

1 (2) Tower of London

Give yourself the best part of the day so you can explore the grounds and surrounds. The grassy moat is nice but it would be better filled with water. You heard the idea from us first.

You will find the Tower of London by Tower Bridge and Tower Hill Tube.

Tower of London


2 (11) Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge was built by the Victorians to compliment the Tower of London on the North Side of the River (Thames). Held in great affection by those who live near it Tower Bridge does open periodically to allow large vessels to pass underneath. This is great to see but not good news if you are trying to cross the bridge at the time.

Tower Bridge


3 (5) St. Paul's Cathedral (St. Paul's)

St Pauls' contains the engaging story of the men and women who risked their lives to preserve this beautiful and historic church.

St. Paul's Cathedral


4 (5) Houses of Parliament (Palace of Westminster)

The Lord's gallery is impressive and worth seeing. Westminster Hall is all that remains of the original houses of parliament. Stop and admire the hammerbeam roof on your way out.

Palace of Westminster


5 (3) Buckingham Palace and Admiralty Arch

As a rule, Buckingham Palace is closed to the general public. Special tours are run periodically and the State Rooms are usually opened up for public inspection in the summer months. Visit the Royal Collection Web Site below for more details.

Buckingham Palace

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